By blizzard_of_77 - / Wednesday 8 April 2009 16:10 / United States
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Yeah, but why the hell would you use the word NUTS to reply to that question? I feel that she actually wanted a pic of your nuts but wanted to lie about it afterwards so she could trick you into thinking it was a typo (Damn you, autocorrect!) Seriously, wouldn't "are you CRAZY?" suffice? lack if common sense on her part.

No, FHerL because she was idiot enough to commit an apostroFAIL. She brought it on herself, however my sympathy for you ends when you actually complied and sent her a photo of your shreddies. Oops much?

Instead of asking for any suggestions you shoulda just said: "Your Melons- Here, now!" and if she responded poorly, you should have just said, "no there is a deliver of melons for you here" sneaky tactics FTW try not to act like a chihuahua by making quick decisions next time

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