By Maestro / Monday 1 December 2008 06:09 / France
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By  MCart_fml  |  0

1-6, 8, 11 and 12. :)

By  supafly208  |  0

Ok so your girl plays DJ with your goodies in from of a camera and 50 year old married guys beat it to her video stream.... yea it's bothersome...but instead of leaving her... have some fun! make a little porno every now n then. It'd be so hot! and knowing that a bunch of weirdos are watching ya'll...makes it even hotter. oh and post the URL for sure..seems like everyone is asking for it :)

  alliewillie  |  22

Perhaps because people are begging a guy who's obviously upset his girlfriend does it in the first place, for the link they can then go watch it on. Are all your fingers broken, and you can't google the 38595972627949 other girls willing to do it? I'm sure you'll find a website... Or million.

By  ejvlols  |  0

HOT send me urls


I don't agree with what ops gf did, but answer this, are all pornstars awful and immoral? F yes than all people who beat it to their porn must them also be immoral. In general supply can only exist with a demand. My point is in general it seems people ONLY condemn the producer of porn, not the consumer which is inherently wrong

By  Lizo_fml  |  0

dude, he's not sleeping with other people. man up. You're holding down a pornstar. Insecurity like this is not really helping your game. .....................and URL please!

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