By Anonymous / Tuesday 2 September 2014 21:29 / United States - Atlanta
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  Baustigt  |  40

Some people do the strangest things while they sleep. My brother used to get up in the middle of the night and find random things around the house to take to bed with him. I'd watch as he amassed a collection of coasters and CDs and plastic bags, and then he'd wake up in the morning with his bed filled with trash. Wish I'd filmed that.

  jdizz16  |  14

Maybe OP talks in his sleep....or has a hilarious snore. An uncle of mine sounds like a happy penguin sometimes. I'd say that's worth a quick clip.

  FracturedMinds  |  21

My roommate sometimes farts like a bull moose in his sleep. I'd watch that for a giggle a few times. Hard to catch on tape though. Otherwise, nothing really comes to mind that would warrant videotaping.

By  bpickett18  |  13

um......ya I really dont know what to say to this one.

By  fml0505  |  19

Maybe she's terrified that you have sleep apnea, and has gathered her friends to meticulously analyze your breathing patterns during REM. Or she's just a fucking creep.

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