By Anonymous - / Tuesday 21 August 2012 06:31 / United Kingdom - Evesham
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By  mechagloomy  |  2

You should break up with her. =P

  mollymayan  |  3

Amen to this comment, omg.

  With_Love929  |  3

^^ dude. That girl's 17. You have to be at least in your 20's or 30's so that's just pathetically disgusting. And if you're not that's STILL pathetically disgusting!

  megaboo310  |  4

Okay FYI I have OCD and just because we have habits of doing possibly strange things doesn't mean it's wrong. He probably excepts her that's why there dating in the first place.

By  spacemanspiff78  |  7

Technically it will. Doing anything burns fat, including chewing gum and laughing- and yes, even walking through a door multiple times. Annoying as hell I'm sure, but pick your battles.

  your_face  |  15

13 - I don't think she chose this behavior. I think she walks through multiple doors because she has OCD, and just came up with the idea that it would help her burn fat as well.

By  laurenlovesjb  |  20

Yes it will, but not enough to make her lose 10 lbs in a month! Tell her real dieting will work better, or just maybe some exercising in the bedroom will do the trick:)

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Who cares if 7 like Justin bieber. Everyone liked there own thing and that makes the world interesting.

And OP, tell her sex will burn a lot more fat then walking through doorways. And it's even the truth.

  TallMist  |  31

#51 please do tell how just because someone has an opinion different from yours that automatically makes what they say incorrectly. Because, last I checked, it is only an opinion. Not something that decides if a person is worthless or not.

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