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i feel your pain buddy. i was in the same boat but now with my dad. ouch. tell your dad he is a complete douche


119 are you retarded haha:) if he were to hit on his dad's lady for revenge he'd be hittin on his mom lmao. ..... beside's technicaly he's already been in her!

If he doesnt date her, FYL. If he dates her, FYL x's 2. Make sure to ruin any possibility of a sex life and refer to her as "mommy". Maybe it'll freak her out. Or she'll spank you/punish you sexually =). You'll win, either way.


I honestly wouldn't care that it's my dad, if they do that they don't care about me. So report him for statutory rape. I'd do that.

is he at least good looking if not.... well there's no way to put that it will be great for him when he's stradling her and she says that's not how your son does it

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