By Anonymous - / Thursday 3 July 2014 04:53 / United States - Muncie
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By  cherries62212  |  16

Well OP, Looks like you got 1-upped by the ex. Pass her up by doing chores and being nice?


What the heck? He broke up with her for a reason. He shouldn't have to suck up to her now just because his parents are rude and mean.

By  nickn426  |  14

That sucks OP but many parents say things the don't mean. I am sure in a month or two they will forget about her.


Since his dad waited for him to leave to say that I'm assuming he probably meant it. It's okay though OP, I'm pretty sure my parents like my brother's girlfriend better than him. They still love him but they like her more.

By  TheManInWhiteXx  |  9

Well, time for new parents. *puts clip into gun*

By  ronberg  |  15

FYL OP, you don't have some good parents

  fsomelife  |  26

Judging by your name, neither do you, Ronberg

  leonlee2002  |  10

Wait, 23, your real name is docbastard?

(yes, I get that he doesn't mean his username)

By  Warmonger_Smurf  |  29

Sounds like you were dating out of your league, maybe you should rethink the break up.

  popprock  |  13

What? You don't even know why he broke up with her and the parents could have said that for any reason. So just because you think she could've been "out of his league" means nothing.

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