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  rotpferd97  |  1

"special" brownies have a VERY distinctive taste. I say she knew what they were but kept eating anyway.. or else I'd guess this isn't true. you can't just eat weed brownies without realizing something is wrong.

  rave_noises  |  0

52 - There are actually some methods of baking special brownies which make them taste completely normal. if you just throw the special ingredient into the mix, the taste and texture will be noticeable. However most people make them via special butter or oil (whichever the brownie recipe calls for) and there is no way to tell that they are any different.

  animosiity  |  0

i dislike how none of your comments try to be funny, or are posted towards the OP...its always hating on someone elses comment...stop hating on everybody and taking FMLs so seriouse. :)

  Mapholisto  |  7

Agreed, 71. I had a friend whose mother made some of these "special" brownies for a friend of hers who is allowed to use medical marijuana. My friend wasn't aware of this, and had one, since their mother hadn't warned them not to eat it. Didn't have a clue it had marijuana in it, and said it was the worst feeling in the world. I'm at least glad they won't ever have marijuana again.

By  dangerdale  |  0

you got free weed and you're mad at your friend because you can't hide that you are high


You're a dumb fuck. They probably aren't a stoner and don't carry around eye drops and such to hide it. As for it being free OP has to find a new job in a terrible economy, which may take months, a year, or more, equalling thousands of dollars that they are out.

  newfiegirl  |  8

6, I agree. 25, no one really carries eye drops? get real :)

  cameront777  |  0

I only carry around eyedrops when I know I'm gonna be getting high. to randomly drug someone, especially your "friend" is a douche thing to do. and as far as the taste goes, they probably hadnt had special brownies before then so didn't recognize the taste


lol agreed. I wouldn't have gotten fired and I'd be happy I had a friend that did that for me!

  ActionManly  |  11

You guys are fucking retarded. OP most likely isn't a stoner, and hence doesn't know how to "hide" being high. I smoke weed, but I never carry fucking eye drops, because I DON'T PLAN ON GOING TO WORK WHILE HIGH. Dumbasses.

  Taipan_fml  |  0

Not to mention, did you ever stop to think that maybe some people don't WANT to use drugs...? OP has every right to be pissed that their "friend" tricked them into doing them.

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

Op was probably one of those, "O.M.G. LOOK AT THAT LAMP. AHAHaha!!" kind of people. I remember this one girl thought a cigarette was a joint, and she took one puff then knocked over two of my lamps and screamed, "IM SO HIIIIIGH." -.-

By  felipe87  |  2

yes you got fired, but you also got STONED! sounds like a friend I wouldn't mind having. also reminds me of a beetles song "I get high with a little help from my friends"

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