By NoBasement4U / Thursday 26 November 2015 20:24 / Canada - Medicine Hat
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By  BatmanPN  |  19

That was an unfaceful event...

  GhostFox  |  33

It can't have been loose, or it would have simply fallen off, not "burst." It's more likely that the shower head was designed to be used with a lower water pressure, or that the shower head itself has a manufacturing flaw that caused insufficient space for the water to flow through. Maybe even both.


27, it absolutely could have been loose. Think about it: it's on tightly enough that it won't fall off by itself, but will after some water pressure builds up. Especially if he crossthreaded it or stripped the threads.

By  Balphleair  |  22

I bet it blew up when it saw you wet naked
*tries to act smooth*

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