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  kay2kay  |  1

You'll never need to set another alarm clock ever again when you get a Metal-Waker 5000™ Our slogan is: IT WILL WAKE YOU UP 'TIL IT KNOCKS YOU OUT! Warning- May cause concussion

By  PeteyPablo12308  |  20

I HATE waking up in the morning. That's a fucked way to get woken up OP. I would be seriously pissed. I think you should use an air horn and a bucket of cold water to wake your dad up one of these mornings...


Today, I went to pick my dog up from my old house where my ex-boyfriend still lives. I rang the doorbell and saw him look out of the side window holding the dog. When I told him I was there for my dog, he claimed that the dog was his now. He broke up with me because he hates dogs. FML

By codyolimason / Wednesday 8 June 2016 20:36 / United States - Macedon
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