By green and not with envy - / Friday 13 June 2014 20:17 / Canada - Toronto
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  EphMi  |  5

WTF, #1, what kind of dad or any human being would do such a thing, that's just sick.

By  TheCrystal  |  7

Hahaha! Sounds like something I would do...

By  savy_m  |  14

Well you're just shit out of luck.

  Respect101  |  17

bowl is what you it eat out of.. or go bowling. One letter my friend... one letter...

By  magickitten  |  26

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being as yucky as you can get, I'd give it a 10. Poor you OP!

By  Adam5858  |  17

Well,atleast he made a big(and smelly) impact on your life

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