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Hey everyone! Op here! I just wanted to thank the FML staff for posting this and everyone for your very funny comments. To clear things up... No my (now ex) boyfriend is not a midget, he's in fact a giant, I'm the short one. We were going to try it later OUTSIDE but he surprised me by picking me up in his house. No the ceiling fan was not on, thankfully. We had a great laugh about it afterwards and I wasn't mad at him. We actually joked how it was perfect for a romantic comedy. Sorry for answering so late, I JUST got my account verified. Hope this clarifies some things :)
By haleyart / Monday 10 June 2013 16:10 / United States - Shreveport
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  domking1315  |  20

Really roFANtic if you think about it. Huh guys? No? Okay.

  SMHsohard  |  22

And this is why acting out movie scenes rarely ends well; the lighting is wrong, you don't have stand-ins and body doubles, and there aren't multiple takes to get it right.

But, you've got a romantic guy, and that's a plus.


Today, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. Instead of taking me home like he told me he was going to, he pulled up to the gas station, gave me $6, and asked me to go pay. As soon as I walked inside, he threw my bag out the door, and drove off. FML

By dayumm_shawtyy - / Monday 21 December 2009 01:29 / United States
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