By hendrix1 / Thursday 25 August 2011 14:33 / United States
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  widerbubbles  |  0

Break up letter? More like a crack up letter!


If he breaks up with you using Comic Sans, he's too young for you, girl.

uhhhh yeah I tried to make it work :/ but really.

  uffiewuffie  |  0

But you JUST used a Jersey Shore quote

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

What's so wrong with comic sans? I love all fonts, ypu people are just fontists.

For all you numbnuts, it's a derivitive of racist.

  kenshimori  |  10

Rain drops rolled down the young man's face as he dropped to his knees, dropped his arms to the ground in despair, then reared back, screaming into the gray, stormy sky, "COMIC SAAAAAAAAAAAANS!"

  Tobias5505  |  0

comic sans isn't cute, it's horrific and disgusting


More like a crack up letter!

  Kyuubi1589  |  1

87 - It's an inside joke created by Cyanide and Happiness, basically the font is the opposite of serious, so there's a game where if you see Comic Sans fonts you go COMIC SAAAAAANNNNSS!

  QuantumLegend  |  0

Just to clarify, C&H did not start the comic sans hate, the hate's been out there for years. but I guess they did make the injoke. I'm a CH fan too :) I know you guys hate comic sans, but at least we'll always love noodles!

  kosh_bl_k  |  0

it feels so great to only find out that the person quoted Jersey Shore from the comment above!

stop watching it, guys. it's so much better to recognize Kafka's quotes.

  tzuriel11  |  9

Why is the font the big deal!? He broke up with her in a LETTER!!!

By  Jenningst  |  0

You should kick him in the balls, with a comically sized hammer. Comic Sans that shit.

By  katsteak  |  0

I love comics. They always make my day when im sad (:

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