By Emily / Saturday 17 December 2011 17:03 / United States
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  laxbro182  |  1

That's ridiculous! He has no right to slap him just because the boyfriend broke up with her. She probably deserved it

  farnsworth  |  3

Good news everyone! they call me farnsworth I've been inventing since birth, my flow so known that dr Zoidberg has worth, if money were a disease then I guess omit sick minded I once fell in love but money isn't blinded, and that mom was really a bitch, she started calling me big daddy so I chucked her ass in the ditch.

  JewelsAllegro  |  1

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Jewels Allegro from USA

  Truth_Nazi  |  0

What's classy about rap? Have you heard the lyrics?

  poppylamonzo  |  0

Uh, I have a question for the mods. Is there a maximum length limit on comments?

  DKjazz  |  20

Quick question to the mods: can we really summon you just by asking you questions in the comments? Quick question to the mods: how is Sirin pronounced? Siren? Sir-in? Siri-n? Si(as in sith)-rin?

  bebohacker1  |  4

185- then what were you going for? Is the use of two ".." a common english technique? Surely you didnt actually mean to only use two.
And sirin, you have easily got to be the most sarcastic person i have seen on any fml. Do you only comment when requested?
--> just in case:
Hey, a question to the mods:
Do you only comment when requested?

  EffinToofer  |  3

You made a good point, but I thumbed you down because your punctuation and lack of capitalization hurt my brain.

  amanda_d95  |  8

This deserves much more thumbs up. It's a shame were allowed only one

  amanda_d95  |  8

It's also a shame that people pick fights on the internet instead of moving on with their lives. You didn't have to comment, smart ass. But congrats on being a dick

By  Cavebone  |  5

im guessing he is white and thinks hes black. so probably a douchebag. no loss.

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