By user210 - / Monday 26 March 2012 03:05 / United States
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  kerrwoof  |  13

My boyfriend has that problem sometimes too.. After like a minute he has to really start to concentrate on something else. It's actually quite funny to watch. I feel your pain though so FYL. He's not even lasting the average 3-5 minutes for a male


Average 3-5minutes? Wow then my average of 1hr+ is up there huh? I guess you could say I'm the Jordan of sex.

  SkoomaKi  |  24

Tell you're boyfriend to think about maths or physics while having sexytime - it should work.

By  igloo617  |  1

my ex was a 2 pump chump !! feel very special lol

  LMA0  |  5

Waste of what? It certainly wasn't a waste of time because it was still good for the few minutes they had sex, so the only thing it could be a waste of is cum... Did you have something you'd rather do with his jizz? Eh..?

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