By animelover - / Sunday 25 July 2010 23:21 / Canada
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So your response is to call her out over your perception that she was wanting to fool around with her boyfriend while babysitting her little brother and that this makes her a whore? First let's ignore that most kids try to avoid bed time when being babysat (especially by siblings) and likewise ignore that she posted that he "wouldn't stay in bed" implying his bed time had arrived and it was only right to insist he stay put. Then we can move onto the story told about the monster which arguably


After all you have to wash some sheets since your boy friend is there. Semen or pee, That is not so differrent I think. 


This is exactly why they make cages for little kids! Then all you have to do is change the newspaper every once in a while and throw your leftovers through the bars! Also it's "monster proof"!!!


sounds like he's not very good with kids.. send your bf to your enemies house and make them pee in bed...


haha 31- it makes me laugh that you thought you could say that and get away with it. no one likes trolls around here : )

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