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I'd say F his sister's life for having a whiny, bitchy girl as her brother's girlfriend. That little girl was sick. At least you got to spend time with your boyfriend...


That's a shame. At least you have leverage for an EXTRA romantic date now...your boyfriend kind of owes you. :)

Where was the boyfriend? If you guys were babysitting together at least you were spending time with him, if he wasn't there, why wasn't he babysitting?

this FML needs more info. if you agreed to babysit instead of go on the romantic date, YDI. if you were already over and he decided to leave and told you to babysit, FYL. if you're both babysitting, don't complain. at least you're spending time with him.


How many times have I told you, Doc? When you steal my panties, it doesn't make them yours. If Carol's little sister stole your (by your, I mean my) panties, it serves you right. Stop coming into my room when I'm sleeping. If you must, at least have the decency of letting me sleep.


Shove it, #13. And is it so wrong that that Doc wishes they were his? After all, why else would he continue to nab them unless he was just out to irritate you? =P


Doc is just wise enough to realize you have better fashion sense. Sucks he keeps waking you up to take them off of you though. Gotta work on that part doc.

Get used to it if you plan to have kids. Stop bitching. Kids get sick and they need loving on.. I wonder where the parents were, but whatev. STFU


A. You don't know if OP wants kids. B. I am a parent and I damn sure don't want to take care of someone else's sick kid. C. It seems reasonable for OP to be disappointed by the turn of events.

I agree with #12 OP: it's a shame your total luck depents on one stupid romantic dinner. stop whining!

Alone? Where was your bf? If he was there, you could've left (if he told you beforehand, you shouldn't have gone over there to begin with). If he left you alone with his sis, I'm dying to know why. Either way, it sounds like a massive YDI. If you agreed to do him a favor, you shouldn't bitch about it.

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