By toughbf - / Tuesday 27 September 2011 08:28 / Canada
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OP's boyfriend: "Hey guys, I got in a fight."

His friends: "DAMN! That dude fucked you up! What does he look like?"

OP's boyfriend: "Actually, I didn't fight back. It was my girlfriend."

Friends: "Hand over your Man Card, pussy."

  Ugi  |  26

I don't know about a douche but he sounds like an idiot. One with "issues" over his masculinity by the sounds of it.

Presumably he would lie and say some guy beat him up. While he's at it, why not just lie & say he won! Saves on the pain...

By  babywader  |  3

Ummm time for a new boyfriend!


Today, my mom told me that when I choked on a tortilla chip yesterday, she was seriously planning on cutting my neck open and sticking a straw in it if I didn't stop, because she saw someone do it on 'E.R.'. Now I'm scared to have an emergency around her. FML

By meg__1798 - / Wednesday 9 December 2015 02:08 / United States - San Francisco
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