By krabby patty - / Friday 25 May 2018 06:00 /
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By  samomaha  |  10

Just shaving won't get rid of lice. Nits (louse eggs) can attach to the hair shaft slightly below the skin level where a razor won't remove them. The eggs can also fall off the hair shaft or the hair can fall out, leaving viable nits in your bed, clothing, towels, etc. You need to use a delousing cream or shampoo along with a nitcomb. Also, wash bedding, towels, clothing (especially underwear), and anything similar that you came in contact with since at least two days before infestation in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat. Anything that cannot be washed should be dry-cleaned or stored in sealed plastic bags or airtight containers for at least two weeks to kill lice that hatch from nits. After a period of 10 days, repeat this procedure as not all of the nits will be caught. A third treatment might be necessary after another 10 day period, although it is rare. Good luck, OP.

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