By Bawsack - / Monday 26 September 2016 10:10 / United Kingdom - Edinburgh
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Or for that guy Spongebob who just kept yelling "CHOCOLATE!"

Sounds like someone is bitter that you're leaving. Be happy that you no longer have to work with such an immature ass ... Unless of course you're a large animal vet and your next job involves caring for juvenile donkeys!

He may be bad with names. At least, for me personally, it's easy to remember someone by face and appearance but names are impossible unless I've lived with them for a long time or they became a close friend. If not, he's probably just being silly. Parting gifts don't usually come from someone who dislikes you. Maybe you can reuse the card?

He may not remember your name in the future but at least he cared enough to give a card and chocolates. If you weren't a good employee, I doubt he would have even did that.


I know that people in Australia and the U.K. use the word "fortnight" regularly. It's a really common thing. For example, my mother gets paid fortnightly. I take it that Americans (or other English speakers for that matter) don't use that word too often? I'm not hating or anything, just genuinely curious.

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