By pizzaface / Tuesday 9 August 2011 17:35 / United States
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  tatababe  |  0

I rather have someone else pop my zits I always make scars I hope u didn't get scared if you dud you should charge her


38... hahahhahahahhahahhahaha it took me like 5 minutes to figure that out!! good one lol

  Nanall  |  15

I would have been pissed. Popping them causes and leaves acne scars. Plus, you don't know where or what her hands have touched so she could have put bacteria in that popped zit. You deserve it for letting her.

  Lucidium  |  0

Wow 42 you just help the point that the majority of Americans are effing stupid.

  zbajis  |  7

102- In Amreeka it does, cuz we is dumb. But I still think we is not dumb becuz are report card says AA+! (bad grammar and spelling intentional)


Dude, you're an idiot. How can you base the majority of people from a country off of what one person said? If you can do that and make the generalization you just made, then based off of you I'm guessing the majority of Austrailians are ignorant assholes?

  josh5634  |  0

it's not disturbing at all. Sheesh. -_-

  MrSassypants  |  31

27 I'll take your job for you. *ahem* Your picture/ is down with the sickness!/ I/ apoligize!/ for my/ comment/ not being so gooood! good./ Couldn't think of much/ lyrics./ I had to make it!/ because of you./ It wasn't so goooood! good./ I had to/ diss you lyricaly/ sorry/, but I'm no superman./ You just got served. :D

By  krez  |  20

I would have charged more!

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