By anonymous / Tuesday 23 April 2013 21:07 / United States - Philadelphia
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  EvilUndead  |  9

38, Once upon a time I used to live with a very moody house cat that had razor-sharp claws and demeanor of a royalty (you touch it - you bleed), so I used to wear plenty of band-aids. Band aids peel off in shower/bath.

So for this dude it'll be the same thing, unless he used superglue or stapler. In case of "superglue", it'll peel off in a few days (skin constantly regenerates and dead cells fall off, so eventually pretty much anything will peel off), in case of a stapler, cement or something similar, there's 911/emergency phone.

By  Vanessa_Leeann26  |  17

You have a genius on your hands! Lol

By  Callyn  |  44

Well he's a moron. Hopefully he has some good qualities, but I don't think I would choose him to father children.

By  locomodo  |  7

Guess he lost his balls

  icemand90  |  16

replies should be funny or witty... yours was neither...

By  lilledun  |  11

Tell him to man up and literally show some balls.

  outoftown  |  26

The monk fooled you. It's so the female's tounge gets stuck, too.
Then someone calls him in for an *ahem* exorcism ;)

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