By ohmygoodness - / Monday 2 March 2009 21:51 / United States
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By  marris  |  0

lol. but yeah like number 7. He could have said "i heard everything, get out." Or "i heard everything, lets see if you can top that next time you get up"

By  drybamboo  |  0

I guess you haven't been together for a while. This is nothing to people in long-term relationships.

It's a little creepy that he would actually say that he heard everything.


Today, I was taking a walk with a girl I really like. Trying to impress her, I mentioned I'd just learned how to do a front flip, and she told me to prove it. I did the flip, but stumbled forward on the landing and smacked head-first into a pole. She's still laughing. FML

By RedFox12 - / Sunday 28 October 2012 00:12 / United States - Philadelphia
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