By facebookdeception / Friday 31 October 2014 04:25 / New Zealand - Auckland
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OP I suggest you hack into her Facebook, write to ALL her friends, and I mean ALL, that she's a lesbian (not that I have anything against gays and lesbians) and then watch her mom freak out, she gets grounded, make her life miserable! Make all her friends and family hate her and watch the plan work it's magic! (I'm just joking by the way)

  rldostie  |  19

@74: why would she get grounded for being a lesbian and why would her friends hate her or make her miserable? What world do you live in? Perhaps her mother will commend her courage for coming out and everyone will accept her.

Why so negative?

By  littlekellilee  |  42

Making someone feel better is a strange prank. She maybe didn't want you to be sad and didn't expect you to fall in love with her. If it was intentional, she's really mean.

  littlekellilee  |  42

Pranks are intended to hurt someone intentionally for amusement, not help people out of sadness. Maybe they broke up and she saw how upset OP was, so tried to help. I guess it depends on HOW she did it. If she comforted him and he just happened to fall for her, that's not a bad thing on her part. If she hit on him and attempted to make him fall for her, then that is a bad thing.

  rabbit_yogurt  |  11

your miscomprehension is like a disorder


5--- I agree with you. I feel like ops ex wanted to help him emotionally move on... and ops taking it a bit harsher than she meant to come across. there's two sides to every story people.

  Baustigt  |  40

You say that, but what if you're his ex-girlfriend just trying to win his trust again so you can break his heart a second time? In fact, what if we're ALL his ex-girlfriend? Don't trust anyone, OP. Especially not me.

By  purebliss_fml  |  19

Very pathetic of her...
Not sure if it's something you would do but after a breakup, I deleted facebook for a few months and just stayed in contact with close friends. It helped.

By  itsjusttofunny  |  8

why do people always take words on a screen so seriously? ydi

  Baustigt  |  40

There are real people behind those words on a screen. That's why people take them seriously, because they're actual human beings. I've made two very good friends through this site and I've never met either of them, but that doesn't make our friendship any less meaningful. If you condemn all online relationships just because you don't trust the medium then I feel sorry for you.

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