By b.fritz - / Saturday 24 September 2016 10:02 / United States - Saint Louis
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  vikky538  |  28

So don't want it to breakup that's why she super glued it.

  LittleLambii  |  24

Your first reaction to something going badly in a relationship can't be to break up, that's not how healthy relationships work. Communicate. Anyway, if I did that to my boyfriend, he'd find a way to prank me back even worse.

  mikepzz  |  27

People don't superglue your penis to your leg in a healthy relationship. The white ribbon campaign would have a field day if that happened to me.


#74 How would that be funny, just imagine the hours of pain where you can't move it and a single movement could make it hurt. Also imagine what happens when you get a boner. not fun man, not fun.


LittleLambii, You're clearly too stupid to understand that somebody gluing their partner's genitalia is not a prank or something that should be taken lightly. This is without a doubt break up worthy at the first offense.

By  Moskaaa7  |  26

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  kafka13  |  9

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  tibtak_fml  |  10

From what I understand, the dick doesn't move anymore

  kfchicken_fml  |  21

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  KyoshiroT  |  32

So that she can't get her hoo-ha's checked at the doctor, got it.

By  Batkid217  |  14

well that's such a sticky situation !

By  Mungolikecandy  |  13

There is something seriously messed up if a person thinks that is a funny thing to do. this pretty much destroys any trust you can have in her if she can commit an assault (and yes it is an assault) on you like this whilst you sleep. Seriously you may want to think about where this relationship should go.

By  DanH6288  |  8

Superglue her vagina shut

  cocainewhore  |  30

Assaulting someone in response to them assaulting you is not the answer, unless it's self defence.
Both the OP's girlfriend's actions and your suggestion are assault.

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