By melikeyturtles / Wednesday 2 November 2011 05:21 / United States
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..... Yep. Still hearing shit dribble out my headphones. Want to talk about mainstream rap that has meaning in the lyrics? Listen to Watch the Throne. Jay Z and Kanye are real artists. Most mainstream shit is exactly that anyway. Shit.


Unless he was deployed somewhere 2 months is still a long time to have no contact with someone and still think you're in a relationship and require closure.


22. Don't get butt hurt especially when I haven't done anything for you to be butt hurt over. It's just the Internet. Kicky -- lmao, remind me never to get on your bad side.

Hahaha, sure he's a douche but you you can't say anything who breaks up with someone because they are busy, unless he's a jobless lazy asshole I'm sure he actually had stuff to do maybe like being in the process of moving.


Dude how can you have a girlfriend and not talk to her for that long I talk to mine from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed there's no exude for that this guy is a total dick

This is obviously a ruse to throw you off the trail of the real kidnappers whom are probably violently sodomizing him as we speak! Or he's just a cowardly douche who couldn't break up with you.


I got to meet Weezy at the Gexa Pavilion in Dallas this year. He's ugly as fuck, and super short. He looks like a tatted up 12 with a drug problem. You sure that's who you want to pretend to be?

If you hadn't spoken or seen each other in 2 months, it's not really a relationship anymore. You probably should have seen the end coming. No one is so busy that they can't at least text or call their girlfriend for 2 freaking months. It sucks that it ended this way, but it's not really too surprising given the circumstances.

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