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LOL! Remember when that song was the most popular song ever known to man? Wow good times... Amd kids even listen to ti these days too! (I was on my 12 year olds ipod touch and found the song in her secret folder)!!!

Well let's look at what we have achieved. People admire your dancing and you can zombie dance. So if there is a zombie apocalypse you can dance your way to safety through the hordes of the undead.

You probably ought to limber up a bit before you go dancing. YDI for taking dance lessons at the Uptight White Guy School of Dance. Didja learn the overbite on Day One?


Haha, 28. I saw that we posted at the same time, talking about Seinfeld. I never watched the show until recently. Now I know what everyone is talking about. :P Living under a rock is not fun!

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