By jking2z - / Friday 13 March 2015 22:39 / United States
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  cristy91  |  33

Maybe the other guests saw what he was trying to do and decided to completely ignore his boycott attempts by giving him compliments on his "costume"?

By  Steffi3  |  40

Looks like you need some new clothes!

  EbyKat  |  16

Maybe they didn't have the money for it. Maybe they are tired of 80's themed parties. That is totally legit. But "protesting" is just rude and stupid.

By  EbyKat  |  16

Today I tried to boycott fun and it didn't work. Now I am going to cry myself to sleep because nobody let me take a dump on their joy. Seriously? YDI. I didn't take part in a family ugly Xmas sweater party because I had no money and have enough self esteem issues without making myself wear something ugly. I got party pooper presents and I deserved them. I would do it again but I sure would never FML about it.

By  Cely988  |  29

Well that backfired xD


Thank you for that observation, Sherlock

  feven  |  32

Not a problem lieutenant sarcasm

By  hammonds92  |  21

Yoda-style much you have young one

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