By HiImAlfredo - / Sunday 14 September 2014 18:47 / United States - Hampton
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  lexiieeex3  |  32

What an idiot friend. Nonetheless, OP should have jumped in after it. My phone is like a baby to me. I would be so lost without it.


"My phone is like my baby" I hate new, modern technology. Especially smartphones because they take the true meaning out of phones, and they are just a handheld computer. I hate it. Mostly the people using it though.. "LULZ HAY GURL #SELFIE LIKE U WUNNA GO GET SOM DRINKS? #BAR #ALCOHOL #DRINKING"

  Ltsdragons  |  19

My case is waterproof while I was helping my gf babysit the kid threw my phone on a pond, I didn't find it for 2 hours

  Wyseguy  |  1

Well the friend went overboard so its only fair that the friend goes overboard.

By  BBlah  |  26

Some people just have no soul

  BBlah  |  26

Touché turtle, touché

  joeblow6969  |  5

What does being submersible have to do with it's buoyancy? Even if the device can function fully submerged in water doesn't mean it will float. Why does this have so many upvotes?

  MsKatieFace  |  10

I'm with Joe, waterproof and submersible are basically the same thing....

My guess Joe, your down votes are coming from people who now feel silly for up voting the original comment.

  SherbetGlitter  |  26

I think that the commenter was meaning that the friend should have known waterproof doesn't always mean submersible so chucking it into even a glass of water is a stupid idea


Nothing Ever makes the warranty... And even if you think it does, there is Always something in the super fine print that'll leave you out to dry... Or if you're super lucky it'll be covered but your new phone is only $30 cheaper then store price... Mean ass phone companies...


OP: Hmm... Seems my phone is 22 fathoms under us...
Dumb ass "friend": Like, how deep is a fathom again man??
OP: *facepalm* Why don't you find out buddy?!? And get my phone while you're at it!! *throws dummy overboard*
OP: I feel better now

  SrgntSprnkls77  |  15

What if he doesnt have one and finds his porn stache?

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