By howniceofyou - / Monday 1 August 2011 18:12 / Canada
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  sovietkiwi  |  0

Break all their phones

  sxe_beast  |  11

Who are you to dictate what is FML worthy or not? Obviously it is because people voted for it and the mods approved it. You're the one who is not FML worthy.

  dAiSyLuRv1029  |  0

Otterboxes sound really cool!!!

  iheartbewbies  |  0

Otterboxes are fat, bulky peices of shit. Just don't be so stupid with your stuff and things like this wouldn't happen. Let the thumbs down begin!


totally agree with u 41!!!! I have an otterbox and it has also saved my iPhone a number of times!! it's also purple and not that unattractive. it also helps to have a screen protector.

  Sacurason  |  0

108- It may have been a public pool. I went to a couple of outdoor parties at public pools. not everyone can afford a nice pool and deck( not meant offensively ).


2. I agree. My otterbox has saved my phone many times including a 10 foot drop onto a concrete hangar floor. No damage at all including the box itself. Never leave home without it.

  markymark1429  |  8

Otter boxes can be bad for your phone too. Well the ones that are supposed to "seal" out moisture. The seal doesn't always work, and when any moisture gets past the seal, it stays in the phone causing damage

  lexa1love  |  16

I love my otter box. Yes it makes the phone bulky but it has deffinately saved my phone. My father ran his over with his Buick by accident, had absolutely no damage to it.

  pman590  |  8

but...broken phone with voided warranty or cracked screen? consider yourself lucky mate that happened to me and i had to pay £70 to get it fixed.

  Big_Red_138  |  3

I really don't like the iPhone screens sometimes...I dropped mine like a foot and it now looks like a spider got in my phone and built a web across the screen...

  ur2nvthis85  |  3

Agreed since insurance will cover a cracked phone and not water damage...unless you don't have issuance but then you can sell the broken one and buy a new one and still have money left over. They did you a favor.

By  lovebeecharmer  |  6

trencher get a life. FML person, grow a pair and don't let people shove you around

By  zaksyak  |  1

what a "sticky" situation

  zaksyak  |  1

apparently you are "disapointed" with my "pun"

  alisakittykat  |  0

kinda is a sticky situation because her iPhone bounced off something, a ball is bouncy, some balls are made of plastic, glue bottles are plastic, glue is sticky and now I'm just waiting for that idiot to think I'm actually on his side :P

By  whatever222  |  3

I hate how fragile iPhones are!

By  mrfunbun01  |  1

A desk chair? Why is there a desk outside?

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