By SprinklerDodger - / Friday 8 June 2012 23:54 / Denmark - Odense
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25- I dunno about op's gf, but calling me princess never ends well. It generally ends in bodily harm. :p

By  nebula748  |  14

This is why they made the "shenis".

  Cowboy1986  |  4

Well then why did they make the mangina oh wait that's only in the movie stepbrothers

By  mrtjawesome  |  14

clean up on aisle nine.

By  mrtjawesome  |  14

i have a feeling she would be better off using a "vagtube". yes, they are real

  mvems  |  13

No it's actually true, women don't pee out of their vagina. Do some research. The vagina and pee hole are two very different things.
The more you know!

  Dylman  |  6

Why does anyone ever feel the need to question someone about posting "haha"

By  stompic  |  2

I actually needed a whole minute to understand.
not sure if I'm tired or just stupid as hell.
FYL, btw.

By  reddudeover  |  2

Nobody better make a lame urine pun. Because I have a very particular set of skills and I will find you and I will kill you!

  littlemsweirdo  |  12

Pun trollin ! Who's in?


Oui 23 this shall become Urination! I know it's not what you want 11 but don't get all pissed, although you are urining for less lame puns, you should just go with the flow. Don't use violence to get what you want, I know it might not be pee see but give piss a chance.

By  tony1891  |  22

who is this chick? Linda Blair?

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