By TimeForAHairCut / Friday 8 June 2012 23:44 / United States - Eugene
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  alyshasocool  |  8

Pretend to cut off his weewee, and tell him you always wanted a little sister.

By  hahaiseeyou  |  0

it's hair, it grows

  liscentious23  |  1

Hair extensions?

  PlaidPanda  |  9

18- who did you tell to shut up? I think a little specification is on order if you're going to be rude.

  Suchagoonnn  |  4

21 the only reasonable answer is 18

  Shadomasta  |  5

Yes, 3, because I'm sure your initial reaction to waking up with a fistful of hair missing from your scalp would not be one of anger or "WTF's", but "Meh, It's just hair. It'll grow back." :/

By  RealReasons  |  0

Keep an eye on your brother and what he cuts off, for all you know he might of wanted a sister...

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I think 7 thought that op was a guy with long hair, but his younger brother obviously didn't agree with his appearance. he wasn't manly enough...
easy mistake to make if you don't concentrate.
op (is obviously a girl) but has left the gender out from the profile so it only adds to peoples mistakes :)

By  egc573  |  40

My sister once did something similar to one of her Barbies, after our dad took forever to get her a Ken doll...

When I asked her about it, she said she'd picked the ugliest one. I still have no idea what the heck she means by that--all those fucking dolls looked the same.

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