By dumbblonde - / Thursday 6 August 2009 03:04 / United States
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  LP95  |  0

YDI FOR KILLING A FLY. AND CHEWING ON YOUR PEN. AND HAVING A COMPUTER. AND A HOUSE. AND A LIFE. SOME PEOPLE HAVE NONE OF THOSE! once again, i'll appreciate your constructive criticism on my post. thank you and have a nice day

  MyzticHydra  |  0

you need to learn how to count :) unless you were expecting someone else to put first as you were typing haha @OP also i never smashed a fly with a pen you must be like a ninja! a very absent minded one at that...


I agree with #15. Considering how quick flies can get away if you try to squish them, it's amazing you managed to crush one with the bottom of a pen. Unless it was like a giant pen.

  Kiwi_Splash  |  0

True. It takes a lot of concentration and a presumably excellent grip. As for chewing the bottom of the pen, how expected! It's the one thing I can't control.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

My dad can snatch flies out of the air. Then he throws them on the floor and kills them. I keep trying, but they always pull up just before they hit the floor. I must throw like a girl or something (hahurr) But yeah, usually I just smash them with my keys if they're on the keyboard. Pen's a different one for me. YD eating flies for being stupid... just get a fly-swatter lol

  TrackLifee  |  2

Your fault for trying to end a precious life...you should have been punished a lot worse than just that. People who kill things should all be punished, maybe that will teach them a lesson. Every life is a miracle, I'm sorry you felt the need to end one because it landed on your computer.

  Koibito_fml  |  0

If you've walked, you've killed something. Not an FML (it's just a bug, get over it XD), but gross. I chew on pens all the time when I'm reading and don't realize it, so it must suck to be doing something and suddenly realize 'my, this pen is quite tangy!'.

By  Imawhalerider  |  0

free food lucky bastard give me some. You know some people who posted other fml's like the guy with the dad faking acceptance letters. sounds like you could share fates.

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