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what the hell does this mean? u crunched ur pen? and crushed ur pastry on ur exercise book? u dont know how to eat and work at the same time or something?


how could you feel good about not eating something as great as a chocolate croissiant? id rather be happy than save myself from carbs.

kudos to you for being a normal human being, and eating a chocolate pastry. I only came on the comments to see if anyone made a fit about you eating normal people food, and working out at the same time. #5, why should she "feel better for not eating it"? its kind of sad how its a "bad thing" to eat something like a chocolate pastry (and if shes working out, it means she has what appears to be healthy habits!) because it has GASP calories. Geez. I would rather eat and be hap


#6 is right besides she said working it didnt have to be excersize like im trying to lose weight, it could've been like... some project for his/her job

Dumbass, you totally deserved it. If you were so tired, you couldn't tell the difference between a pen and food that's not even shaped like a pen, then you shouldn't be working.


Hah, because most people can just decide not to go into work whenever they want. I've had shitty jobs that don't even give you suck leave.

FAKE- you would write with the one you would be holding your pen, because you can only write with that hand. and you would eat with the other one

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