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Once upon a time I was eating pizza while watching television. Out of the corner of my eye I see one lonely piece of sausage left in the box. I pick it up and eat it, of course I don't bother to look at it. It was a stink bug. It turns out that they don't just stink, they taste BAD as well. You can't just spit out the taste of a stink bug. Oh well, live and learn.


I thought ticks were black???? Unless it was popped and bloody that it looked like a small hot cheetoh..... That sounds awesome well sucks to be u because now it will stick to ur inside and eat u inside out!!!! >;D


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#2 I agree. I think it's also taught me that too many people live in disgusting places. really though how many people put stuff in their mouth without glancing at it for at least a moment. OP- YDI watch what you eat.

What kind of crap-hole do you live in if you can't differentiate between crumbs of food and a tick? And how the hell does a tick look like a crumb in the first place?


The OP lives in Pakistan. Ticks are very commonplace there. Aside from that, the ticks we see aren't going to be the exact same as the ticks in Pakistan. You know, due to weather and environmental factors. So, OP, I agree FYL.

AHAHAHA. The ad to the right. ----> Mine is some movie ad that says "Don't let zombies FYL." Win. Also, #6, yeah seriously. OP didn't even say something dropped right in that area, so I guess he assumes everything near him is food while eating. Gross.

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