By Anonymous / Monday 18 April 2016 23:40 / United States - Las Vegas
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By  dontmindme7  |  9

Welp, thats a stinky situation

  mariri9206  |  32

Yeah, it definitely stinks.

  mariri9206  |  32

Overused or not, puns are funny and anyone who is overly bothered them really needs to get a better life. One that doesn't stink. (Yeah, I went there. Bring on the downvotes because, again, IDGAF and it makes me laugh).

By  almightyymarcus  |  6

It's not that serious don't let it bother u to much Op

By  faeliality  |  20


By  skyguy592  |  9


By  NotMarcus  |  7

It would be better if it made a thunder sound for them thunder thighs


Oh my gosh, that is the worst! When I was getting my hair done at a salon, I was wearing shorts, and they had those paddings on the chairs. When I stood up after I was done, the padding got stuck to the back of my thighs.. I had to peel it off... While everyone watched. Ugh

  mariri9206  |  32

#8, that sounds like a sticky situation.

(Yes, yes, I know everyone collectively hates puns for something I'm sure is ridiculous. Bring on the downvotes.)

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