By Anonymous - / Tuesday 29 April 2014 18:46 / United States - Swartz Creek
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  jerzjay  |  17

Next time just surprise him with it...Guys are visual and hands on learners, fuck the whole imagining it while you're not there crap

  jerzjay  |  17

#26, absolutely not lol. find me and I'll gladly prove you wrong celebrating your day with great birthday sex ;)

  sterling1113  |  15

Cause all the good reviews on the internet, which made it popular, weren't valid.
I just think it's awkward that it was his sister that said that.. I wouldn't want to listen to those types of conversations involving my brother.

By  gjikvtj  |  18

You don't know if it was sarcastic... It's the hot sister!

  MisterEx  |  28

We share the same name (different spelling) so by the same name unwritten rule I have to explain to you my brother in names that no, she said it sarcastically.

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