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No need to flounder all over the place and be a snapper and mako big deal of this. Everyone is just trying to make puns as a grouper. You cod always tuna out if you don't like it rather than carping like this. This may just be a red herring because I'm only a general sturgeon, and I may be way off bass and a little roughy 'round the edges, but I like puns - they give me a moray of sunshine in my dreary day and make me eel happy and yell "wahoo!" like I'm sitting on haddock of the bay. Ok, that's enough. I'm trout of here. I have to go drive down the pike and meet my friend John Dory the loan shark.


but I'm pretty sure adrenaline that you could get from being really into the show could cause your penis to tighten up and retrace because it's a natural reaction when your fighting or exerting yourself physically in an unsexual way so your penis doesn't get ripped off or some shit

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