By Anonymous - / Thursday 23 December 2010 04:35 / United States
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  tttiffany  |  0

I like the picture. I like the name more.

Guys just don't think things through as much as us girls do. We sometimes expect guys to know exactly what's going through our heads.

If any other girls think I'm 'speaking for myself', then you're just fos. I'm right.

  dantheman1988  |  0

wrong. guys are better at thinking through things than girls are. thats why there are more male engineers than female. what guys dont do is beat around the bush like cowardly women do.

By  I_R_Genius  |  3

AHAHA that is funny it's a sign to lose some weight OP. Take his advice OP and lose some weight then you may have a "chance."

By  alaaloo_fml_fml  |  0

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Maybe so, but who in this world doesn't fish for compliments? Think about it.


48- Hmm good point. This is where girls and guys differ, among other things of course. But us girls always tell a friend they look good, regardless if they do or not (I'm not big on that myself, but most girls are), while you guys are TOO truthful. To a point where it is rude.. I'm not saying all of you, but most.

  tttiffany  |  0

48 - remember that saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?

That cheesy-ass saying looks like it applies well in this situation.


I agree with the guys on this one. Stop hinting around. Then at times some girls don't say it to expect a compliment... and once the compliment is given the girl starts thinking the guy likes her, when she doesn't like him. Or she's happy he likes her, but he really doesn't. See? All drama!


109- I find it most amusing, finding messages in my inbox from men... and occasionally boys, wanting to date online. I have a feeling that is a common occurrence on this site.

  Alpha35  |  4

tttiffanny ur hair is so fucken weird...... please change it ... i don't care what u have to say about me... but change that damn hair to straight

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