By Anonymous - / Friday 14 June 2013 16:24 / Cyprus - Limassol
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  abu4u  |  26

Original Poster... And FML is indeed a cool site so I'll allow the husband.

By  euphoricness  |  28

You should thank him, how else would you be able to post this FML!

  Jelbeztok  |  17

im pretty sure this isnt a serious comment..


Hi everyone, OP's husband here. Just got back from the hospital. Doctors managed to dislodge the phone from my butt hole. I won't be able to sit down for 2-3 weeks. The pain should only last a month or so longer. Only joking. The phone's still stuck.

By  ravenevercross  |  19

Well, at least he was reading an awesome app.

By  Patriots21  |  14

Roger! Damn it! Damn you roger!! I'm in pain!

By  Lalo16  |  6

Do the same at his mothers' funeral.

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