By Flabbergasted - / Friday 6 February 2009 21:32 / United States
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  NeatNit  |  32

yeah. OP, get as far away as you possibly can from this retarded situation. Let the stupids breed with the stupids but you don't need any part of it.

  br00kr  |  22

Go to the baby shower and start yelling at him about it in front of everyone. He will not only most likely get fired but he will also have no girlfriend and most likely have the teeth knocked out by the womens husband!!!

By  k2rules  |  0

I would say that your boyfriend was obvioulsy a real piece of crap and probably does not deserve you anyways. So I would suggest that you take what ever time needed to heal and then when you are ready go out there and find a guy that is worth your time!

By  savage_pixie  |  0

for her baby shower...heres what you do...you get a map of hollywood blvd...you put a "YOU are here" sticker on the trashy end and on the upscale end you put "julia roberts character is here" and then for your guy..if youve dumped his sorry ass. you find a pair of scissors and a jar and hint that you would be happy to relocate his bits for him.....dont say your going to..it can get you in serious trouble. then you go talk to her husband. then you go get some sushi and have a bubble bath or something. I hope your next guy isnt such a f**ktard. cause you can do a lot better than him.

By  christopherlove  |  0

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  marierua  |  1

Can't wait for the day you get f*cked over!why bother with a relationship if he/she wants to screw around,their own unhappiness has had a knock on affect on everyone.oh the selfishness.

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