By redmethod87 - / Wednesday 8 April 2009 16:08 / United States
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By  screwloose  |  0

If she calls, marry her. Any woman willing to wipe your dog's poo off her feet and still be interested is willing to put up with any shit you could possibly throw at her.

By  Savvy89  |  0

She took out her phone Simply because she wanted to hang out with your puppy and not you, you should have known this when you took your puppy to meet girls. points to the puppy for cockblockin future calls from her will be to hang out with sparky FYL


Today, I was walking my dog when I saw a man trying to get a screaming little girl into a van. I called 911 and ran over yelling at him. His wife then got out of the van and explained the girl was their daughter and they were just trying to make her go to school. FML

By cutsiecurliee - / Thursday 5 November 2015 19:21 / United States - San Francisco
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