By kate - / Wednesday 29 April 2009 01:39 / United States
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By  Elamdri  |  0

Dude, that guy was probably trying to be nice and help you play it off. What would you rather have? Falling like that and just have everyone stare at you from the corner of their eyes or have someone get everyone to laugh so you can laugh at yourself and then go back to things as normal.

When people don't laugh at something funny, it leads to even MORE akward scenarios.

Dude did you a favor.

By  isantorin  |  0

at least you can complain and maybe get him fired, if that makes you feel better.

By  loveandzombies  |  0

It's rude to grab things out of other people's purses/bags. I hope you learned your lesson. Ask next time, and maybe you won't make a total ass out of yourself.

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