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The problem is more women victomize themselves. So I don't have any sympathy or belief in any woman who claims she was raped, beaten, abused, etc... they either were asking for it or lying more then likely. To OP: if you really are a man, I feal for you FYL.


Thanks, 40, I was about to have a spaz attack. OP: Let him live, I mean, he's probably about to die anyways.


I'm just saying why would anyone in their right mind LIE about being raped or abused. your an ass for saying this

Gross. The way to handle it would have been to say clearly, "Get your hands off me!" in a loud voice that unmistakably conveys the message you want. And then tell management what happened ASAP to forestall any complaints form this old sleazebag.


Then say you appologize you have swine flu. Guy will shit bricks. But seriously, stop him, and complain. Immediately.

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