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Even though I live in Kansas, I put my phone on Speaker when I talk while driving. I heard that the fine for using a phone while driving is only $20 on the first offense. There are no court costs, AFAIK.


they didn't make using a phone while driving illegal, they passed a "law" that says you have to use a handsfree device - big difference California is the best, try and say California is a fail with a straight face


Cell phones were cool in the early 90s when only high-powered businessmen could afford them.


Now if you really wanted to look cool, you should have lit a cigarette and blew the smoke toward him, while making your special "I'm farting" face.

why do people think they will look cool talking on a cellphone? it's not like they are rare, everyone and his dog has a cell phone these days. Get a life dear!!!

i'm giving you a citation for driving while retarded. exactly how many dates do you think have been gotten by strangers seeing each other in separate cars, in traffic? people like you make me regret my own humanity.


Even worse, she looks like she doesn't mind putting others in danger AND looks busy, which could point to not available. I guess if someone is looking to stalk a jerk with no time she could get something out of it.

If you have to "try" look cool, don't even bother, you will probably fail. Thanks to fmylife.com I have learned this awesome fact. :D

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