By eamiller - / Tuesday 23 December 2014 20:41 / United States - Franklin
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By  JdF16  |  11

Blackheads dont just go away.

  adrian1910  |  14

Op should eat healthier.
Fruits, vegetables and lots of water.

By  ____gerard____  |  11

Blackheads are black freckles are not it's simple really -_-"

  coolbeansbruh  |  13

Well not everyone has a mom...mine died so maybe you shouldn't just assume everyone has one...

  Allison_leah23  |  17

#32, I'm sorry for your loss but that's seriously unnecessary. I'm sure you have a family member that others don't have. Please don't make everything awkward for everyone else here.

  purplhaze88  |  20

Ew...no! I do not pop someone else's pus pockets. And my mom won't either. That's just nasty, and you can get infections that way, rarely but it can happen. So not every mum/gf will do it. But kudos to those brave souls.

  foxwasalamb  |  24

#32, youre wrong. everyone does have a mother. you cant be born without an egg and a sperm. so yes, everyone does have a mother, some just happen to be deceased.

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