By OuchImAMoron - / Friday 29 November 2013 02:05 / United States - Old Bridge
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The spider? Or his leg?

  Kamon97  |  23

You have problems OP if you think the proper way of getting rid of something is by stabbing it...

  ImTheAlpha  |  30

6: Actually, you can kill a leg. Like with frostbite, gangrene, some spiders' bites, and chopping off the leg (and warming the person, amputating the limb, giving them antivenom, and stopping the bleeding from the person before the person dies, if you insist the person is alive).

  wunderbar1  |  9

Not only did you kill it, but how? By stabbing it? Or by drowning it in your blood? I've never thought about either method when I've attempted to kill spiders. Feedback could help me with my next spider attack. :P

By  deathy94  |  14

You're not a moron, you're an idiot.

  Dt33345  |  13

#34 you do see the pun in your comment right?

  Applesarefum  |  9

your not just a regular idiot, you were designed to be an idiot.

  glabberfasted  |  16

Once again, you have absolutely no right to call someone else an idiot if you don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're" That, my friend, is the definition of hypocritical.


Just to clarify here, moron and idiot are not synonyms, if you look it up, a moron has an IQ greater than that of an idiot...

By  SherlockWho  |  6

I honestly don't know why people are so scared of spiders

  riashah  |  14

I agree #29 some of them are cute :)

  Ambient25  |  24

Misunderstood Spider: "Hey man, there was a wasp in here but I got him, since I know how much you hate wasps and you know I'm looking out for you....what's the book for?"

  Codezlol  |  21

#33- venemous*

  sarahbevan20  |  11

Want an award? My reaction is KILL IT WITH FIRE

By  dudeimmadoc  |  9

Omgosh OP, I hope you're alright!

  Ambient25  |  24

Ok I'm not someone who cares about my "likes" but this is common sense. I noticed I drop every now and then so I'm just going to say. For someone who is in the military, granted not infantry (those guys have my utmost respect, if not for the shit they deal with day by day, then more from the boredom that comes for being "on call"[a good friend went SEAL]) then let me say this. You don't clean a gun when it's assembled. This isn't a computer. You take it apart to get to the smallest places to make sure it's been field dayed. It's apart...you can't shoot yourself...

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I think the commenter was going for an effect, not to be 100% accurate. I feel they got their point across. No need to be all that's not how you clean a gun. Rawrrrr.

  SThompson90  |  7

You're not SUPPOSED to clean a gun assembled but it happens... or people need an excuse as to why they perfectly execution style shot their spouse on "accident"

By  Miaku  |  11

I hope you didn't go too deep into your leg, and that you killed the spider. Don't forget that, ever. Even if you limp forever. Just know, spiders ain't got nothin' on you. :D

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