By KismetSiren - / Wednesday 23 November 2016 10:30 / United States - Hoffman Forest
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I find passive aggressive people so very irritating and useless. If she has a good reason to think you're engagement is a bad idea, she should just say so. If she doesn't have a good reason, she should just congratulate you and knock off the sighing and eye-rolling. If someone is old enough to have adult children, they're way passed the point where they should've learned to be an adult.

Since your mom is impressed with food talent, see if your fiancé posses such skills. if he does show it to your mom then she'll be butter in your fiancé.

hate to say it, but she probably just doesn't like your fiance. there are two things you can do with this information. you can ignore it and continue on, or you can find out why. I've known a lot of people whose lives would be better today if they had listened to their family when they didn't like the s/o.

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