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Moms can be really mean like that. I'm sorry, she probably didn't mean it, then again it depends on how your relationship is with her.

Youre mom's a world-class b*tch and I would never let her forget that. Give her hell about it, and then don't ever respect her or talk to her as much. Explain to her that maybe if she wasn't such a failure as a parent, you wouldn't "disappoint" her as much!

yea most likely she was just trying to be nice to her new daughter in law... she would never like her more than u


Having boobs doesn't make you a daughter. Step 1: Be a male Step 2: Get boob implant Step 3: ??? Step4: Profit.

she means she loves her like a daughter. Unless your personalities are the same and you look the same(which would be very creepy). You are not her.

ow. i mean thats a common phrase, she might not have have meant it that way...nonono ow that still sucks

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