By Anonymous - / Saturday 15 February 2014 22:44 / United States - Carlisle
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  winterkills  |  7

actually 67, turning a girl down only makes it better when you go at it a little later.

By  capthigh  |  16

this is so funny I'm sorry that's wrong

  speakersboom  |  19

an FML that's funny?!? No. WAY!!!
Sorry, sarcasm courses through my veins.

By  BlackPanther19  |  11

Priorities he's got em

By  Damned_Architect  |  25

Does your husband have low testosterone or something?

  junkman6  |  22

Because "testosterone is a steroid right bro?"
"Yeah bro that Yankees guy got busted for testosterone steroid shots right bro?"
"Yeah bro and steroids shrink your dick so low testosterone is good, right bro?"
"Yeah bro, Thumb that idiot down he obviously doesn't know what testosterone is bro."

Sorry I couldn't help myself after hearing a similar conversation this morning at the gym. And it would explain the thumbs.

  junkman6  |  22

142 that's not what #98 said at all.

Just to clear this up after my sarcastic rant above. You will be a lot more interested in sex with good/high test levels. Low test levels pretty much make you forget what a penis is for.

By  Cwizer  |  17

Hahaha bring the banns to his face and "wing it"

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