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  Booda_Shun  |  28

I'm more amazed that it wasn't "deodorant being used as a substitute for showering."

EDIT: Oops, I was too late.

  InfiniteSecret  |  20

This is a horrific state that needs to be forgotten and never said again.
Guys shouldn't get a free pass for simply being guys.
It is idiotic and sexist

By  StaySmexy  |  18

That's how I would react

  isuckwithnames  |  22

I'm nearing the end of my junior year and I'm not interested in girls. So, that may not go well.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Dude if you've never been interested in a girl and you're 16/17, that's honestly a little weird maybe you're gay or asexual. you're supposed to be interested in girls/guys/something by that time

By  forevralone  |  13

That stinks

By  AdamUSN  |  10

They must be some real stinkers

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